Massage effect on the functional state of the organism

Massage effect on the functional state of the organismMassage can intentionally alter the functional state of the organism. There are five main types of impact of massage on the functional state of the organism: tonic, sedative, trophic, energotropic, normalization functions. Restorative massage is expressed in strengthening the processes of excitation in the Central nervous system. It explains, on the one hand, the increased flow of nerve impulses from proprioreceptors massaged the muscles in the cortex of the cerebral hemispheres, and on the other hand the increase of the functional activity of the reticular formation of the brain. Restorative massage is used to address the negative phenomena with physical inactivity forced sedentary lifestyle or different .pathology (trauma, mental disorders, etc). Among massage techniques, providing a good tonic effect, are the following: energetic deep kneading, shaking, shaking and all percussion techniques (hack, effleurage, Pat). Читать полностью -->

Scientists have found a new cure for hepatitis

Scientists have found a new cure for hepatitisA new approach to the treatment of viral infections, tested on mice California scientists, may become a new word in the treatment of hepatitis B, and further, it is possible, and HIV/AIDS. This method, called RNA interference, based on the suppression of the genetic material needed by the virus to reproduce. American researchers injected the mice a drug that was associated with RNA, which is an important part of the genetic apparatus of hepatitis B. this results In broken processes replication of the virus in the body and spreading to healthy cells. Scientists, however, warned that the results obtained in mice, not necessarily could be reproduced in humans. In their work, published in the latest issue of the journal Nature Biotechnology, the researchers write: "We have demonstrated that RNA interference can inhibit all stages of the replication of hepatitis B virus occurring in cell cultures and mice". Читать полностью -->

Forms of male infertility

Forms of male infertilityThe secretory form of male infertility In this form the testes do not produce sufficient amount of sperm needed to reach and fertilize the egg or sperm impaired mobility, or the majority of the sperm cells have a defect in the structure. The basis of secretory forms of infertility is always some effect on the testes. The most common disease leading to impaired production of sperm is a varicose vein of the testicle, or varicocele. This disorder overly dilated testicular veins are not able to give a full outflow of blood from the testicles, resulting develops its stagnation, blood circulation tissue of the testis and oppressed its function. In most cases varicocele is left, but after some time, blood circulation and other healthy eggs, and joined by some other mechanisms. The result of this disease can become a significant reduction in product spermatozoon both testicles, and, accordingly, secretory form of infertility. Читать полностью -->

Fractures of the bones that make up the elbow joint

Fractures of the bones that make up the elbow jointHow is the diagnosis of a fracture of the elbow joint? Of all the bones that make up the elbow joint, clinical signs can be diagnosed with confidence only a fracture of the olecranon. Fractures of other bones (condyles shoulder, radial head bone, the coronal ridge) diagnosed presumptively. Finally clarify the diagnosis by radiography. Injury of the elbow joint is one of the most frequent in childhood. What are the clinical manifestations of fracture? Tissue surrounding the elbow joint, very good vascularity. Therefore, the injured joint is always accompanied by hematoma, quickly developing traumatic edema. Читать полностью -->

Immune system now "knows" how to take other people's bodies

Immune system now Canadian scientists have found that when heart transplants infants, their immune system recognizes the graft as "your", even if the donor is different from the recipient by blood group. If this "reprogramming" of the immune system will be able to implement in adult patients, that will save the lives of many patients. To date transplantation there is an inviolable rule: the blood donor must be the same group as the blood of the recipient, otherwise, the transplanted organ is not accustomed. But in 2001, a group of canadian scientists showed that this rule can not be taken into account when heart transplants infants. Now, after further research, scientists came to the cause of this phenomenon. It turns out that the immune system of infants is able to "reprogrammed". Читать полностью -->

Acute conjunctivitis

Acute conjunctivitisWhat can cause acute conjunctivitis? The disease is caused by pathogenic microorganisms or adenovirus that fall into the conjunctival SAC. Distributed through personal items. What complaints have sick? The symptoms are redness of the conjunctiva, a large number of follicles in it, increasing the submaxillary lymphatic glands. The patient complains of a burning sensation in the eye, photophobia, agglutination of the eyelids in the morning, a significant amount of discharge. Eyelids swollen, there is a sharp hyperemia of the conjunctiva and a significant transient swelling folds, bleeding under the conjunctiva. Sometimes the disease is complicated by superficial keratitis. Читать полностью -->

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